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Ecosystem of supporters for better pricing transparency to help individuals improve their living standards.

Retail Partner

Are you a beverage or food company looking for a creative avenue to deliver a special promotion? Or are you a retail grocery store seeking new innovative ideas to keep customers coming back to your store? Lower is designed to give consumers a distinctive shopping experience and we would love to partner with you on designing a more creative customer journey.


Technology Partner 

Got a great idea that we can work on together to deliver an improved retail experience for consumers? We are always looking to bring together the smartest people in the industry to conjure up the next great product. Contact us below and schedule a chat with us. 


Industry Partner 

Do you have deep expertise in the retail grocery industry? We are always looking at ways to contribute and learn from veterans in this space. Leave us a line and we can connect and see how we can partner together to make retail in grocery a better place.

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