Weekly Recap: We are still at it!

The past few months have been action-packed. Where have we gone? You might ask. We have been working like crazy! Here is a little summary of where we stand.

March 2019

We finished our beta and got tons of useful feedback. The Lower app was just not there yet. We’ve overcomplicated the analytical side and didn’t focus on the value. Which was one of the main lessons learned here. Always focus on the problem first. What value are you bringing to your customers? Try and imagine that every potential customer is your best friend. How would you like them to feel when they use your product? This has become our main mantra. However at the time we were still swimming in the dark. Trying to balance work, life and unknowns was way too much. We were simply overwhelmed. I was for sure.

April & May 2019

We grew our team in Toronto. Due to time zone difference it wasn’t viable for us longterm to work with offshore developers. We improved our leadership by hiring two developers. Hire slow & fire fast! Both devs were very junior and we had a blast on our kick off day. Everything looked promising. Lower needed someone who could implement all the feedback and implement some bugs.

June & July 2019

Coincidence helped us to find Parkdale Innovation Center and their pre-seed startup program. It is a 12-week program that goes over startup basics and provides structured approach to all attendees. Also it is one of the little programs where you don’t have to be a full time founder. It helped us very much. We found the value we would like to provide our users & friends with. Our original main promise was to compare individual grocery item prices. What if you could plan your whole shopping list? How much could you save? After collecting 7 shopping lists from strangers we compared weekly grocery prices for them.

The result was amazing! 15% on average!

I know it is amazing. Believe me, this is what many people on a budget need to go through. Compare prices manually. They never track how much they save.

So where is Lower now?

Our target is to share Lower with you on November 1st, 2019.
Our target is to share with you a simple website which will do all the heavy lifting for you.
Our target is to share an environment where no one looks at you funny, just because you like a good deal.
Our target is to listen to your feedback and get better with time.

The clock is ticking … Please reach out if you are interested in knowing more before November 1st!