Ladies and Gentleman, Match your prices!

If you live in the GTA, chances are you’ve either heard of or conducted a Price Match. A price match is where a retailer will match or lower the price of a product should the same item be on sale at a competitor for a cheaper price.  

This is a common retail strategy to avoid you from shopping at a competitor and losing the sale completely. Most retailers in the GTA offers this policy and the deal hunting forum RedFlagDeals has created this cheat guide to help you seal your next price match opportunity.

The practice is simple, bring the item you wish to buy that is available at a lower price to the cashier and show a physical or digital proof that another retailer has the same product in a lower price. Once the proof is verified then the price will be matched as per the retailer’s policy.

What if there is a particular sweet deal that is not advertised openly at store level or website? Lower has the solution. Most retailers will respect the receipt of a fellow chainstore and honour the price accordingly. In our upcoming release, we are releasing a feature where you can upload your shopping receipt with the deal you want to share on the app. Fellow Lower users can use that receipt and match the price at the same chain of grocery store near them and thus allowing you to share the love.

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