I love RedFlagDeals and why you should too

There are 3 websites which I visit everyday. It usually starts with Google News in the morning to learn about the news around the world, Reddit Toronto to see what’s happening in the community and RedFlagDeals to see where today’s best deal is happening. Although there might not be an exhilarating deal everyday, it is still a pleasure to see the different promotions and opinions on specials.

In case you have not heard, RedFlagDeals is a Canadian bargain hunting website that connects Canadians shoppers together to share specials and promotions through a community forum.

The most popular sections include Hot Deals which are specials that a retailer puts out as a limited offer and the Freebies section where RFDers share where to obtain free giveaways.

RedFlagDeals is not just a place for you to scope out good deals, the content in the forum can serve as a fantastic shopping advisor as well. Here are 3 tips on mining the content of the forum to make you a more insightful shopper.

#1 Check if a deal is hot!

11 months ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for a Kitchen Aid and by chance we stumbled upon one at a local home store. It was on sale with a flashy red sticker so we assumed that it was a deal but was completely dumbfounded on whether it was the best deal. This is when RFD came to the rescue. Not only were we able to find out that sales for this particular unit came very frequently but also a big box retailer would have yearly clearance on the same unit around the November. We decided to wait until the yearly clearance and saved $150.00 through a simple RFD search.

We now make a practice to always checking for past deals first prior to striking the hammer on a purchase.

#2 Gift Cards

Redflagdeals has an ongoing thread on Gift Card deals. Gift cards are a great way to save money on purchases that you routinely make. Gas, Groceries and Amazon gift cards are a great way to save the household budget. There are 2 categories that I always keep an eye out for in the Gift Card thread. The Esso Gas card specials which usually include a 5% face value discount + discount card and Gap which is usually a 20% face value discount gift card. Coming from a family with lots of nephews and nieces, saving 20% on Gap leads to significant savings after taking into account all the birthdays, christmas and special occasion gifts for the year.

#3 Promo Code treasure chest

Redflagdeals is also a fantastic community for finding hidden and unique Promotion Codes for online or instore purchases. RFD has over 700k members and many of which share unique employee related or association and subscription related promotion codes on the forum. A quick google search for redflagdeals, the retailer of your choice and promo code usually yields in a fast and simple way to save on your purchase. Another added feature is that through the forum based community, users often give updates on the promotion codes and let others know when the codes have expired, changed or become reactivated in real time.

For the 3 reasons above and many more, I rate RedFlagDeals as one of my most adored money saving website in my bookmarks.