How to get Manufacturer Pricing on everyday goods

A common problem encountered when planning a large birthday party or a wedding is sourcing supplies, decorations and utensils. Sure, you are probably thinking that Dollarama and Winners have an ample supply of party pieces available to purchase in bulk - but what if you want something different?

Custom party supplies are costly and because of this I’ve recently found Alibaba. Alibaba is a platform that connects buyers from all over the world directly with manufacturers in China. This allows everyday consumers to get access to manufacturer level pricing and even the ability to ask for custom products.

The platform was mainly designed for wholesale so most items do require minimum purchase orders. However, depending on the seller you are dealing with, these minimums are sometimes negotiable or even disregarded.

Since you are dealing with the manufacturer directly, you’re also able to get much cheaper rates than retailers who have markups on products. Another perk to this platform, is that you are also able to make custom orders to products you seek. For example, most manufacturers are equipped with the right tools to make logos and patterns. If you are planning for a wedding and want your guests to have a personalized gift - leveraging Alibaba may be the most cost effective way to do this.

Recently, we hosted a small party where we wanted custom bow ties for our guests. We found a manufacturer who was willing to produce an order of 50 at a rate of $1.50 each. What was the cherry on top was that the manufacturer was also able to put a small label on the inside of the bowtie with a logo that represented our party at no additional cost. There was a $60 shipping cost to have the purchase DHL over to Toronto, but there were no complaints with the results and our guests enjoyed the mommento too.

The next time you are looking for a bulk order of supplies or decorations - give Alibaba a try.