How do you pick'em apples: Part II

As a follow up on our previous post on online grocery shopping vs physical grocery shopping, let's take a deep dive into what most consumers are looking for in buying food and assess why physical store shopping will still be the dominant way to shop in the near future.

Food in Canada believes that there are 3 items that online grocers must fulfill before they can satisfy the appetite of consumers. Let's do a review of the items and assess the impact of each on the consumer behaviour.

#1: Product Intacted

Delivering food to your door means that your food will be handled by outlets not designed for food handling. Afterall, the postman is trained to optimize delivery speed on parcels and not dairy and produce.

This dramatically increases the risk of your food being bruised or damaged upon arrival. The risk is almost completely eradicated by simply going to the store as you can simply skip over produce which do not meet your standards for quality.

As online grocery shopping grows in popularity, we will most likely see advancements in food shipping that will lower the risk of transportation but for the time being we believe that making a stop at your local market is still the simplest way to get groceries that meet your standard.

#2 Sustainability

This is becoming an increasingly important topic in society. How can we optimize efficiencies and productivity without creating additional waste. Reducing packaging is one aspect (packaging from the additional material needed to ship groceries) while the other aspects include ensuring that food is consumed in a timely manner prior to expiry date and reducing carbon footprint of the incremental process needed to ship food to your home.

It could be argued that with advancements in food delivery, it could enhance the food consumption and spoilage aspect of sustainability but we believe that the most effective way is to simply have a mindful attitude on sustainability while shopping physically and thinking in a sustainable mindset while making a buying decision.

#3 Freshness

We all want the freshest food possible and the easiest way to ensure that you get the freshest food is to pick the freshest ones.

If you base the quality of your grocery buying and consuming experience on the 3 factors above then we believe that physical store shopping is still the best option for you.