First step towards getting better deals on groceries


Hello world, I recall a childhood tradition of mine where my mother and I would flip through the local flyer to find the best deals for the following week's groceries. After assessing the best deals the local shops had to offer, my mother would make the brave decision of selecting the store which will offer a better deal on groceries. The key question was always "Who is giving me the best deal?" This was a question which I constantly find myself asking whenever I shop for groceries well into my adulthood. Budgeting is a tough choir and as the old saying goes "A dollar saved is a dollar earned"- so what are the best practices to earn the most dollars? Is scouring the local flyers for bargains of the week the most ideal method? Or is it through the use of online flyers? At Lower, we believe that we have unraveled the mystery of getting the most out of your weekly grocery allotment. The strategy is to understand buying behavior and pricing at a product level. Imagine a scenario where an app understands what you enjoy and how frequently you consume it and then notifies you of where you need to go to get the best deals on those items. Opposed to going to the retailer with the biggest promotions on selected preferable  items, Lower will tell you on aggregate where to shop to get the best deals on the products you enjoy the most. Lower is the Index Fund Management Approach to grocery shopping. The primary advantage is to create savings by targeting the items which you buy the most. Over a period of time, the consumer will have greater aggregate savings as they are able to save on the items which they most frequently refill. Our proposition is simple - For the primary shopper who does not have time and patience to study the weekly specials of each store to get the most out of their household budget. Saving money and technology is our passion and we hope to combine the two and bring you a product that will revolutionize the way our users shop. You can learn more about what we are up to by either subscribing to our newsletter or reading our first blog here- Team Lower