Feedback is a gift

As a Product Manager, I’ve learned that feedback is a true gift when solving problems. We’ve been working on sketches in Whimsical and gathering feedback in the past two weeks. That translates to about ten coffee dates with strangers who are excited to be part of our beta.

  • It is essential to understand how many items in your shopping list are the cheapest per store

  • It is essential to understand which store has all the things for the cheapest on the total

  • Some of you are only ok to walk to a store and can’t drive

  • Dietary restrictions are an essential part of your shopping habits

  • Most of you know which stores are cheaper, but not how much less expensive

  • Some of your shopping lists are based on recipes, and you care if all the recipes are in the same store and stocked

We’ve met people from various backgrounds. Everyone has been so amazing sharing their stories with us on how they shop or save money. These have given us an idea. We are prepping an excellent campaign for you, which will run before the year-end. Remember, everyone could easily save 15% on every grocery bill. That’s $1,800 out of ~$12,000 family spends a year!

Our biggest ask today is for you to help us spread the word about Lower. About us. Our mission to reinvent the way shoppers compare grocery prices in this new age of technology. We are stocking our database with pricing points. We have ~120k prices for Metro and NoFrills! Before we launch, you will see Walmart pricing as well.