Did you notice that too?


Hello World,

I remember growing up in the 90s, when a grocery trip usually involves my mother and I circling items of interest on this week’s flyer and hitting up the supermarket for a week’s worth of food. The experience was simple, it was from printed notice to seeing in-store displays to buying the item.

With the advancement of technology that landscape has changed vastly. We’ve become more empowered consumers through the internet. We now have the capability to accept information outside the window of flyer advertisements allowing us to action on pricing data more abundantly.

This technological advancement also coincides with increasingly competitive grocery retail market. According to Statistics Canada, supermarket sales have dropped by 2.9% since 2017 as a result of a more competitive market as well as grocery store alternative services and the rise of specialty stores.

As a result, the grocery space is abundantly populated with apps that focus on specific brands or retailers to keep consumers enticed. In the sea of loyalty programs and reward systems what has been truly missing is technology that drives not on promoting a certain good or service but on savings. Despite the numerous retail apps on the market, very few are focused on helping consumers make wiser decisions.

This is where Lower steps in. We are designing a customer journey not for any specific retailer or product but for consumers as a whole and help them enhance their consumer experience by granting them the ability to make a more data driven decision to save on their grocery bill. Our intrinsic value is simple, help every consumer and grocery shopper save money on every grocery visit. We have a great idea on how we are looking to execute this - keep follow our blog for updates.

Team Lower