5 Foods that you can stock up on (because they almost never go bad)

A big problem at my household is that we often make impulse purchases on sale items to only to have it all go to waste because we weren’t able to eat everything before the expiry date.

The discussion arose again earlier in the week when we had purchased some half price liver with the hopes of making liver schnitzel. Unfortunately, we had purchased too much liver and as unfortunately we ended up tossing a portion of it as it had gone bad before we were able to get to it.

That sparked the secondary part of the conversation and the inspiration for this blog posts. What are some foods that we can stock up on that will never (or almost never) go bad.

#1 Rice

Under the proper conditions, white rice can stay “fresh” for as long as 30 years - making it a perfect produce to stock in bulk when it goes on sale.

#2 Honey

Because of the complicated science that happens when the bees make the honey, the sweet viscous liquid is known as the only food that lasts forever.

#3 Salt and Sugar

When sealed in airtight containers, salt and sugar can be stored for periods spanning years without losing freshness.

#4 Liquor

Most liquors, even opened can keep its taste and flavour for long spans of time. For example, Absolut recommends that although their Vodka won’t go bad, to get the full experience of their liquor to consume an open bottle within 2 years.

#5 Soy Sauce

To go with Rice at #1, soy sauce also has an extremely impressive shelf life. Most unopened soy sauce bottles can last 3 years on the shelf and even an opened bottle can keep its freshness for 1 to 2 years after opening - making it the perfect marinade to keep around the house.

There it is - 5 foods that (almost) never go bad - to stock up on the next big sale!