3 More Tips to reduce food waste

Never shop on an empty stomach was a money saving trip that my mom passed on to me when I moved out for university. Her logic was that you will always over purchase groceries when you are shopping hungry as everything will look appetizing to you.

10 years on and that advice is still true and sound. Over buying food and watching it rot is one of the most painful sights. We all work hard to earn a living and wasting food is literally throwing money down the drain. So what can we do about this? CBC gave us 6 tips to follow to reduce food waste (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-food-waste-save-grocery-bill-1.4981955)  and we are here to provide you with 3 more.

Tip #1: Make Bread! Or Jam

Some fruits are better consumed overripe than others. An example is banana bread - overripe mushy and soft banana bread go through a process where the starch in the flesh is converted to sugar making it an excellent ingredient for baking. Other fruits that can be converted into other forms of food are the “jammable” fruits. Strawberries, peaches and blueberries that have gone soft and mushy are fantastic ingredients to make homemade jam. Don’t let the appearance fool you, overripe fruit does not necessarily mean over the expiry date.

Tip #2: Use Supercook

Supercook is a tool which matches recipes with the food available in your fridge. It is a wonderful took to clearout the fridge of old inventory and reduce wastage.

Tip #3: When in doubt - Fry rice.

Another tip from my mom from the good old days. My mother would always clear the fridge by making fried rice and the recipe is very simple. Cook a batch of rice the night before and put the fresh rice to rest in the fridge overnight. Rice that has been in the fridge overnight fry much better than fresh rice and its the number one secret to a delightful fried rice.

Next, dice up the ingredients which you would like to eat up and fry it in a pan with salt and sesame oil. I find it to be a fantastic way to use up leftover onion, carrots, eggs, spring onion and any kind of meat. Once the ingredients are heated add the cold rice to the pan and season with either a Korean BBQ sauce or your choice of soy sauce for taste.

And there we are - 3 additional tips to reduce food waste!